Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thankful Thursday - Doing It!

“Sometimes there is no next time, no time-outs, no second chances. Sometimes it’s now or never.” Alan Bennett. 

There's so many things I want to do. Things that play in my heart, that pull and call me to come. 

But stepping out and moving towards them is no easy thing for me. I drive myself crazy telling myself all the reasons why I can't or shouldn't. At least not today. Maybe next year or the year after when conditions are better. 

Fear becomes a roadblock, holding me in place, keeping me stuck in wishing, in longing. 

It's something I need to change. I want to be able to move when fears tell me to stay. All anyone one of us has for sure is today. So I've set a goal and taking steps to make it happen.  

The time is right now. No more waiting. There's a place I've always wanted to go. Called the travel agent, booked the tickets and heading out next week. 

Happy Thursday, Guys.


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Fear, it's such a negative trait in so many of us. It can really cripple us if we allow it to. Some of us struggle with one or two fears and then there are those of us who appear to have had fear bred into us. Love overcomes fear. Here's to you, Nikki, you've come such a long way in overcoming your fears. With the Lord on our side, we can overcome anything! Enjoy your little adventure!

Hugs from PEI,

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Good for you! Enjoy wherever it is you are going.

Nana Jul said...

No Regrets...Life is short! Have a great time on your adventure!

Connie said...

Good for you! I hope you enjoy your trip, and it is all that you want it to be. :)

DUTA said...

We all have fears, especially when we're about to make some big move like buying a house, moving to another town etc..
Your decision to overcome fear and travel to a certain place of your choice is a positive thing and might open a new era of - no fear - before you.

Lux G. said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Nikki!

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi ... just reading about your trip.
Good for you!

Sending my good wishes

All the best Jan

Launna said...

Nikki, I am excited to hear where you decided to go... I keep thinking the same thing about having desires to move on, change... and yet I stay in the same place... fear can do that to you... I am glad you surpassed your fear xox