Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Gratitude

When a person doesn't have gratitude, something is missing in his or her humanity. A person can almost be defined by his or her attitude toward gratitude. "Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel witnessed firsthand the brutality people can inflict on others. He survived the concentration camps, saw things no boy should see, experienced the hatred of ruling madmen.  

And yet, Elie Wiesel has stood tall, a voice for what passed and whispers gratitude - gratitude for life, for living, for someone smiling at him and for  small acts of kindness. 
Wiesel emerged from the camp with gratitude and with purpose. While in the camp, he desperately wanted someone to help, to save and free him and the others. No one came. So he took it upon himself to travel the world wherever atrocities were being done, and personally take a stand against indifference.  

I'm grateful....

-for everything I went through, all that pain and darkness, all the loneliness and longing, b/c it's taught me compassion, and its given me purpose...purpose to share hope. 
-for life and living.
-for smiles and acts of kindness
-for all the good that still exists everywhere. 
-and mostly for Him in my world.....a constant, an anchor to hold onto and the source for everything good in my life. 

Happy Thursday, Guys!!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Happy

 “Whoever is happy will make others happy.” Anne Frank,

She's my oldest, a girl with guts, courage, moxie. This week she started university. It's Frosh week and she's participated in every event, every game, every activity. It's something because she didn't know anyone there, and left that first day wondering if she'd make friends. She has. She's happy, content, excited. And she's passed her excitement at home.

She's my youngest, a fighter, determined, a girl that pushes past fears, obstacles and apprehensions. She started high school this week. Her three closest friends aren't there. They moved. "Don't worry, Ma. I'll be okay." And she is. Came home telling me she's linked with new friends, has great teachers and is planning to join a ton of things. 

They're happy girls - and they're happy makes me happy. Grateful this week.....

-that I'm mom to the the best kids ever. 
-that there's life after trauma.....things change, get better, but I  learned you got to want it....want it bad. I'm preparing to run some workshops and am reminded this is the core of what I believe and try to live. Grateful that I can pass this on to others who are where I was.  
-for faith that brushes away the sad, the yuck, the residues of what was and incredibly instills hope...hope that things can change.  And they do!
-for nature that shouts everyday its joy and peace. Best 'medicine' ever. 
-for Him......opening and closing all the right doors and helping me to trust enough to wait for His lead. 

Happy Thursday, Guys!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Real Beauty

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” Khalil Gibran

I had a friend once who wasn't outwardly pretty, but she had something inside, a consistent kindness, and compassion for everyone. It's what made her brilliantly beautiful.

I learned from her that real beauty comes from the heart, from being real and from caring. 

My friend died a couple of years ago from cancer but there's another thing I learned from her. We leave a legacy if we care. The legacy she left me is to see the good in people, the positives, their potential.  Thankful for.....

-time spent with kids this last week before school and loving it.
-my dgt's first year of university paid for with scholarships and awards. It's through the roof expensive so very grateful.
-translation of my book into Russian is 2.3rds done. The goal to get it there by Christmas is on track.
-all the beautiful people in my world including all you guys. 
-mostly that He adjusted my heart so I can see the good, the real, and the best in others the way He does and the way my friend did. 

Have an amazing Thursday, Guys!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Brave

“Sometimes brave is nothing more than gritting your teeth through pain, and the work of every day, the slow walk toward a better life.That is the sort of bravery I must have now.” Veronica Roth

Brave - I always believed I was a whimp, a chicken. When people told me I was brave, I didn't know why they'd say that b/c I didn't feel brave at all.

In my mind, brave was definitely not who I was. I was more of a runner, someone trying to hide from the world with all its pain and hurt. But one day I realized those people who said I was brave were right. I discovered....

Brave is holding on when it seems like there's no reason to. 
Brave is getting angry and fighting back. 
Brave is staying in the game until you win. 
Brave is never giving up or giving in to defeat.  I'm grateful that....

-He's always there.....on those high mountains, the scary dips, the sharp curves, the rocky paths.
-His whisper, a constant in my heart, encouraging, motivating, - 'you're not alone. I'm here. Keep going.'
-Knowing that I can do anything, be anything, try anything b/c His brave lives in me and His brave has become my brave.

Happy Thursday, Guys!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Adventures

“How do geese know when to fly to the sun? Who tells them the seasons? How do we, humans know when it's time to move on? As with the migrant birds, so surely with us, there is a voice within if only we would listen to it, that tells us certainly when to go forth into the unknown.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross 

Summer's almost coming to an end, and with it, I have this gut feeling it's time for new adventures. I'm not sure exactly what but something inside me wants to fly. 

My oldest will be starting university, my youngest high school. As for me, there's something stirring in my gut to step out on a new path. 

It's weird b/c I have no idea what that is exactly, but I've been in this place before. I've felt this excitement and the anticipation that something incredible is brewing. I know it's Him, preparing me to take another risk, to move out of my comfort zone, to say yes to a new challenge. And I'm ready. Everything inside me is shouting 'yes, let's go!' 

The thing I'm grateful the most - that life is never boring. He's always got neat adventures and makes living totally exciting. 

Happy Thursday, Guys!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thankful Thursday

 “Sometimes I need
 only to stand 
wherever I am 
to be blessed.” Mary Oliver

The last couple of days nothing much has happened. Most days just unfolded into the next without fanfare or wild excitement. 

I used to live on excitement. I needed some high to pump my life, make it worth living, but now, the calm, the quiet, the ordinary are the best. Grateful for, 

-Peace. It's there inside my gut all the time and it doesn't matter what the days bring, I have a contentment, an inner knowing that everything is as it should be. It wasn't always that way. Very grateful for it.
-the woods - no matter what's going on, wandering around the woods never fails to soothe my fears or doubts or angst. There's no medicine as powerful. 
-Birds - these free flying little feathered things make me soar inside. Just watching them makes me happy and grateful to be alive.
-flowers - the colours and smells and beauty - another humungo reason to smile. 
-Mostly knowing I'm connected with Him for always. He's the prime reason I feel this peace inside. I am forever grateful for His peace that transcends everything else. 

Happy Thursday, Guys!!!!  

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thankful Thursday

“The honorary duty of a human being is to love.”  Maya Angelou

I remember when my world was coloured with violence. Life was brutal, angry, hateful. But now, love colours my world and I'll take love any day. 

There's an energy with violence - an energy of always being on guard, trusting no one, a constant fight with an intensity that exhausts. 

There's also an energy with love and a sweetness that feels so darn good. The other day, I watched my girls goofing around together and I thought how beautiful and kind and incredibly sweet they are, and how very grateful I am they're in my world. 

They've been my teachers. They taught me love in its fullness. They showed me the power in going the extra mile, forgiving, and caring with no strings attached. Grateful for.....

-My girls who continue to teach me love as a guiding factor in life. 
-The touch of His gentleness which first broke the hold of violence and continues to show me that love trumps hatred every time. 
-His love that stayed the course, never left and never gave up on me. 
-His love that teaches to turn the other cheek. Toughest lesson for me, but also the most powerful. 
-And grateful for everyone everywhere who shows kindness in small ways and big. They are shining lights all over the world. That includes all you guys!!!!

Happy Thursday, Guys.