Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday

“In life as in dance: Grace glides on blistered feet” Alice Abrams

Some days all we got is grace. Pure, simple grace. Grace that goes the extra mile. Grace that whispers don't give up, just hold on, tomorrow is another day. 

Grace is something outside of myself. It's a gift that holds me up when I can't anymore. Grace refuses to let me sink. Grateful for.... 

-Those moments of grace which trump my feeble efforts and keeps me in the game running strong. 
-People who are vessels of grace....their kindness, gentleness, compassion a steady reminder I'm never alone and things will work out okay. 
-Grace is a gift...not only being on the receiving side but also being able to give it back to someone in need. Grace is gift of giving and receiving. 
-Mostly, His grace that is a constant, something tangible that holds us up when we got nothing. I have felt His grace upteen gazillion times and am incredibly grateful for that. 

Happy Thursday, Guys. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Resilient

"Storms make the oak grow deeper roots."George Herbert

I love trees. I love the power I feel from them, especially the big ones, the strong, the solid, those that have been around for a gazillion years. 

They've endured strong winds, heavy rain and frigid winters. Some of them have the neatest gnarled trunks with knots and bumps that to me are a clear indication they weathered the storms and survived. 

This past year I've been photographing trees that are home to a variety of birds, owls, and small animals. The trees with their strength and resilience have become a safe shelter, a place of security for others. Trees are a definite reminder to me, that storms happen, but they do pass and if we weather them, we become strong, steady and able to give hope and security to others. Grateful for...

-Nature with all it's perfection and imperfection b/c it shows me how to live and move and be. When I'm outside, in the quiet, in the calm, I feel this incredibly peace and I have a gut feeling that whatever is happening in my life, good or bad, everything will work out alright. And not to be afraid.
-Opportunities to give hope through workshops and mentoring and writing. Giving back not only helps others but makes me stronger. Love that.
-And mostly for the touch of His gentleness that's a constant, a daily thing and which reminds me I am partnered with the One who works everything out amazing, even when it seems not so amazing in the beginning. He's got plans and purposes and me, I just got to hold on and trust. 

Happy Thursday, Guys.  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thankful Thursday- Alive in Me.

All those gone before are alive inside us.” Jane Yolen

They live in my mind, in my heart, in my soul...the people who once stepped into my life ...some for a brief time, others for years. In big ways or small, they left imprints of themselves on my heart. Some were kind, positive, others unkind, even brutal but I've never forgotten the life lessons they left with me. Some of those lessons I only discovered long after they left. Grateful for....

-every experience, good and bad. Never thought I'd say I'm grateful for the bad people, the unkind, the liars, the mean spirited but they are the ones who taught me the real power in forgiveness. 
-the wounded, the broken, the street dwellers, the ones who talk to themselves, and are quirky and odd. They taught me compassion.
-the old, the worn, the tired, survivors of war and life - they taught me to live each moment and relish it and to follow my dreams, not to wait until it's too late. 
-the dreamers, the ones with passion who want to change the world, they remind me we are all here for a purpose and to live that purpose and push past obstacles. 
-and mostly the One who takes up the most space inside me. He didn't just come into my world for a bit, but is on the road with me for the whole trek...right up 'till the end. Everyday He whispers in my ears, it's gonna be another awesome day. And He empowers me to be kind, and to live with strength, courage, hope and love. It still boggles my mind how He does that...but He does. 

Happy Thursday, Guys.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Fear vs Faith

"Don't let fear stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. And most importantly, be kind to others." Stacy London

Rules I try to live by. Rules that empower me to live strong.

Someone once told me the opposite of fear is faith. They told me to picture a negative and positive magnet and then try to bring the two together. It's impossible, b/c they repel each other. They said no one can walk in fear and faith at the same time b/c they're like a negative and positive.You got to choose one. 

I choose faith. Faith moves me forward. Faith makes me brave and teaches me to be kind. Grateful for......

-faith that makes me stand tall and strong. I used to be a coward afraid to do anything, afraid to speak up for myself. Faith made the difference. Faith made me strong.
-faith that showed me how to love even people who hurt me. I used to want them to suffer and hurt the same way they hurt me. Faith changed that. It helped me forgive and let go.
-faith that helped me love me, and believe in myself. Sometimes I think this is too easy and too good. Now I think of it like turning on a light touch and light dispels darkness. 
-faith that's an incredible gift that really does keep on giving. 
Happy Thursday, Guys. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thankful Thursday - And Then.....

"Fear to some extent is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story." Cheryl Strayed. 

I used to tell myself all the bad things that were and could happen. I used to see only the dark and scary. I used to put myself down in every imaginable way, believing all the things about me I was told. And then......

Something happened that changed how I thought about myself and the world. Something extraordinary. Something mind blowing. 

Love happened. It happened like a shower spraying down on me.....cleansing and freeing. The weird thing is that I resisted it. I fought its warmth and soothing touch. It hurt too much at first. It left an ache that wouldn't stop. 

Love hurts when you've never known it. It tugs at the core and threatens everything familiar....all the that were. But in time I learned some things about never gives up. And it's stronger than any other force. 

Love was like the gentle wind that blew the darkness away and left me standing open and free. Love changed me. It changed how I saw myself, and how I moved in the world. Grateful for....

-the power of love that trumps everything else. 
-the power of love changed what I told myself and still tell myself. 
-the power of love helped me embrace all of who I am. No more being self-demeaning. No more listening to others over my own voice. No more allowing anyone to discourage or tear me down.
-the power of His love that showed me a better way to be....a softer more kinder way. His steady became my steady. His gentle became my gentle. For this, I am most grateful. 

Happy Thursday, Guys!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Purpose

"I really think I'm here for a purpose. Even if it takes 100 or 1,000 years, I have to do what I was meant to do." Mattie J.T. Stepanek

I heard once, that every human being needs to know they're loved regardless of who they are, where they come from or what they've done or not done. And also, that everyone needs to know there's a reason, a purpose for their lives. I believe that is right on true.

For me, knowing I'm loved gives me courage.  And I'm energized knowing there's some purpose for my life. That purpose can be small or big or something I do every day or once a week, or once a month or even once a year. Sometimes it's touching the hearts of many. And sometimes it's touching the life of just one. Most days my purpose is mom. Other days it's reaching out and encouraging others to never give up, to live free, to hold tight to hope.  

There was a time, I didn't think I had any reason for being. But once things turned around, and I started to feel loved, I searched for my purpose and amazingly things fell into place. 

I've noticed every few years it changes. I'm at that place again.....wondering what am I here for, what I can do to make a difference. I know the everyday stuff....but I want do more....and to always live giving back for this amazing life I've been gifted. Thankful for....

-knowing I am loved b/c that knowing enables me to live free. 
-knowing I have purpose. When doors close at one thing, I know in my gut, there's something else brewing. It's just giving that thing time to come into focus. 
-Him, b/c He makes life exciting, an adventure. He always has new plans, neat things and the best, He always opens and closes all the right doors.

Happy Thursday, Guys. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thankful Thursday. - Beliefs

"You are amazing as you are. 
Stronger than you know. 
More beautiful than you think. 
Worthier than you believe. 
More loved than you can ever imagine. 
Passionate about making a difference.  
Be confident. Be you." 
Tia Sparkles Singh.

Beliefs are what shape us. I think they fuel how we live, what we do, how we move in the world. 

I used to believe I was a nothing, worthless, a total loser. It took a long time but I finally learned I was believing a lie. That lie felt so much like the truth. I ran on those beliefs. And almost killed myself with them. 

I've been mentoring someone, a girl a few years older than my daughter. She's where I wild, on the edge, out of control. I see the old me in her, the me who tried to outrun the shame, the pain, the hate. But I also see the girl who is itchy to be free...who craves an easier happier life. My goal - help her see the real her, just below the surface, the gift she really is. 
Grateful for....

-freedom - it's for everyone not just a select few. 
-the past - gave me firsthand insight to help someone else make it. 
-people who stepped into my world and helped me realize the opposite of everything I knew. Their kindness softened the rough edges and made a huge impact. 
-Mostly that He was there, in the dark places, and the scary ones, never giving up on me when so many others did. He hung in, stayed the course, until I was ready, and even today....He's still there, running the course with best friend, a constant, an anchor to hold onto. 

Happy Thursday, Guys.