Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thankful Thursday - Never Give Up Trying!

"Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat." F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

There's so many things I wanted that I've had to try for two or three times before I got it. Sometimes even more than that.  

It's so tempting to give up after that first try. After that first defeat the thought usually hits me, 'there's no way the thing I want could happen.' But there's a fight in me, a determination to stay in the game and keep trying.

Many times I sent off a writing piece to a publisher and it was rejected. Something inside me though, refused to give up. I sent it out again and sometimes again and again until finally, it got accepted. Writing is only one of so many things I've tried for and had to keep trying for, before I got what I wanted.  

We've watched a couple of movies recently that showed the power of never giving up no matter how many fails happen. Lion is about a little boy who got lost and couldn't find his way back home to his family. Eventually he's adopted by a couple in another country. When he grows up he wants more than anything to find his 'home' his 'mom,' his sibs. The movie is about his refusal to give up trying to find the home he got lost from. Many times he thought it was pointless, especially after his efforts kept failing. 

Another movie - Hidden Figures - is the story of three black women working in the space centre in the 1960's. Their fight to be recognized was long and hard. They had a strong determination to never give up trying even after many failed attempts. 

I loved these movies. They motivated me, inspired me, to stay in the game, fight for what I want and to never let a 'single defeat be a final defeat.' 

Happy Thursday, Guys. 


Launna said...

Ooo Nikki, I like this... there are times we all feel defeated, as you say we always need to keep fighting so that a single defeat will not be a final defeat.

I have that trait of never wanting to give up, even if times it feels impossible, I usually find a way... xox

DUTA said...

On the whole, I agree with you on this and admire your tenacity. I'm not for giving up easily or at all.

Your post brings to my mind all those women who've tried year after year, everything possible and impossible, even put their life in danger, in order to get pregnant (sadly, some of them are forced to give up their hopes even in our era of 'everything possible').

Lowcarb team member said...

I've not heard of those films - they do sound good.

It is so true, we should never give up. Keep striving ...

Sending good wishes for Friday and the up-coming weekend.
Where do these weeks go to, they just seem to fly by.

All the best Jan

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

I agree we cant give up, got to keep trying. Always look for a better tomorrow. I want to see that movie, I admire those women.

Connie said...

I've heard a great deal about the "Hidden Figures" movie. That is one I'd really like to see. You are so right that persistence and patience pay off, but sometimes it is hard to keep believing that you can reach your goal.

Lux G. said...

These movies are so inspirational. They deserve awards in my opinion.