Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday

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"I've never met a person whose greatest need wasn't real, unconditional love. You can find it in simple acts of kindness towards someone needing help. There's no mistaking it. You feel it in your heart. It's the common fibre of life....the flame that heats our soul...energerizes our spirit...and supplies passion to our lives. It's our connection to God.....and to each other." Elizabeth Kubler-Ross 

This week has been a whirlwind of emotions....mostly feeling on top of the world....experiencing love and support from so many.....but then I got an email from a cyber-friend.....and my heart hurt. It hurt because I've come to care about her. Still...I choose to be grateful b/c He's in control even when things don't make any sense.

-I spoke at a local community centre. I sold a ton of books but better...were the tons of hugs I got from the many women who thanked me for sharing my story and giving them hope. I was blown away by their encouragement, support and kindness.
-People have been coming into my life like crazy....most of them encouraging me to share my story....I know these connections are God arranging everything. And it all feels so right.
-My sister and I have had some amazing talks....We talk everyday....sometimes two or three times a day. It almost feels as if we're making up for all the lost time that we were separated. The bond between us keeps deepening.
-The painful part this week was hearing from a close bloggy friend....she's fought uterian cancer and then was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Her and I connected on twitter. She bought my book and after reading it we began emailing often. She shared her heart....I shared mine. Funny how you can come from totally different worlds....have different experiences....yet be so totally on the same page.

Her name is Gaye. She's been standing strong in her faith.....believing for total healing from the cancer.. Earlier this week she emailed me......the tumor has grown by 30%, . She is an amazing lady and I care about her and wish I could make this better. I can't but I'm grateful I can do something tangible.....I can pray. 
Guys.....please pray for Gaye....She's hurting badly. The recent news has gotten her down. And knowing she's hurting hurts me. Anyone wanting to send her a encourage her.....her facebook page is:!/profile.php?id=1331209716


Tracy said...

Thank you for sharing...I just sent Gaye a message on facebook and well, I just had a blog friend lose someone special; nine year old Jack (you can go to my page to read about Jack) and talking about emotions all over the place.
thanks again!

Melissa said...

thanks for letting us know. i'll be praying!

Finding Pam said...

Sarah, Gaye is in my prayers. She is so beautiful. Praying is the greatest offering we can all do. I will send her a note as well.

This is wonderful about all of your connections with women through your speaking. What a good way to touch lives.

You have been reconnected with your sister? I know you are enjoying every moment with her.

Blessings to you my sweet friend.

Finding Pam said...

Sarah, I am not able to visit Gaye at this address. I will lift her up in prayer.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Thanks for sharing...both your heart and your story for others to be encouraged and start healing...thanks for sharing the concern and need for prayer of another sister in Christ

May His Glory continue to be seen through you.

Ms.Daisy said...

You are a sweet sister and friend and it shows through your writing. I am so glad you are reconnecting with your sister and know you will continue on this path toward each other. People are drawn to you because Christ shines through you. I pray that Gaye will draw closer to God during this time of trouble.


Dayle said...

Sarah, I will be praying for Gaye. Life is filled with ups and downs, but the good news is we're just passing through. Heaven is our eternal home. No sorrow there.

You're a blessing.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness - I can feel how much this has hurt you too - and of course - when you get a group together to pray - great things can happen - count me in! Do keep us updated. sandie

Jackie said...

I am sorry about this tumor related trial for your friend. These bodies fail us over and over, and I will be praying for her today. And for you. What a beautiful heart you have.

Debbie said...

I believe in the power of prayer, Sarah, and I'll join you in lifting Gaye. I hate this cancer which steals our life and tries to take our hope.

I'm happy for your good news, too. God is using you in a mighty way.

Kay K said...

Please tell her that I just said a prayer for her and I am in agreement that GOD will touch her and heal her ..I pray he will lift her spirits to the highest ever ......
Stand Strong ......

Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

The Lord continues to use you, Sarah.
Your story is His channel of grace pouring into the lives of others.
Your tongue..His voice.
Your heart..His love.
I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, and the sad news she is having to cope with!
Please let Gaye know that so many of us are now interceding and praying for her healing.
What a beautiful lady she is!
God is ever-merciful..and still works miracles today!
So we always have hope in Him...
Sarah, may the Lord ease your pain, too.
bless you, my friend..Trish

Christine said...

I'm joining the prayer party late but my prayer is sincere!

I'm praying that God gives her strength to endure what ever she is facing.

Barb said...

Hi Sarah,
I'm glad that your books and talks are helping so many people.
I'll be praying for Gaye also.
God Bless
Barb from Australia

renewd42 said...

Thanks for sharing, I'm praying for you, and For Gaye as well!! Lisa WV!!

Patti Hanan said...

I am praying for Gaye. It is so wonderful how we can become so close to online friends. I am so happy your speaking and writing are going so well. God bless you.

The Blog Writer said...

Don't worry about your friend, Nikki. We're all praying for her. God loves positive people and needs them to stay here, cleaning up His world. She'll be better than new, soon.