Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thankful Thursday - Buddy

"There’s nothing more calming in difficult moments than knowing there’s someone fighting with you." Mother Teresa.

I don't think there's anything harder than being alone, fighting life's battles, struggling to make it through. 

When I know even one person is in my corner, wanting my best, believing in me - it lightens the load and makes the fight so much easier. 

Just One in our corner - that's all it takes to stay strong, to hold onto hope, to never let go.  

Just One in our corner - whose got our back, whose in the struggle with us, who whispers encouragement to keep going, to not give up -  that's all it takes. 

I want to help others who are battling alone, know they have someone in their corner. I want to be there for others like so many were to me. It's payback for all the good given to me, all the people who stepped into my world and made a difference. 

Here's to kindness, and friendship. Here's to reaching a hand out and stepping up to help someone else make it. Here's to giving back and making a difference.

Happy Thursday, Guys.


DUTA said...

How very true!!

However, it depends whether you've asked for help when in need. People are not that altruistic to search for those in need of help, and not everyone is able to reveal to others his true condition.

On the other hand, there are lots of people who do nothing to help themselves and only depend on aid from others. So, there's a whole "industry" of so-called charity organisations that actually 'help' people like these.

Connie said...

It does make such a big difference when you know you have someone to count on who is on your side and willing to help you when needed. We all need help from others at some point in our lives, and being in a position to help someone else in need is something to be grateful for as well. Hope you have a great week, Nikki.

The Reader's Tales said...

Oh, this picture and this text go straight to my heart. My dad always taught us to give a hand to others in need... have a great weekend ahead :)

Lux G. said...

It's so good to have people around us to support us in bad times and share our joys as well.

Lowcarb team member said...

Such good words here Nikki.
One smile, one act of kindness - it can and does make a difference.

All the best Jan