Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thankful Thursday - Support

You don't need a mother and a father; you don't necessarily even need two parents. You just need someone who's got your back.  Jodi Picoult. 

That's all it takes - one person in your corner; one person routing for you...believing in you - knowing you can make it through whatever you need to get through. 

The power of One believing in your resilience. To me, that's incredibly powerful. Knowing Someone's got your back - cheering you on - That's all it takes for me to make it past whatever life hits me with. 

That One for me started with Him. Now there are others - people close to me - who love me, who have my back and cheer me on - who believe for my best. 

I wonder sometimes the people who struggle, who give up, who lose the ability to fight - I wonder if in their eyes, no one is in their corner. They're in it alone.   

No one can make it out here alone. We all need Somebody in our corner. 

Happy Thursday, Guys. 


Connie said...

It is such a good feeling knowing that someone else is looking out for you and wants the best for you. It is sad to think of those who feel they have no one on their side. Hope you have a nice holiday weekend!

DUTA said...

What a sweet picture! It seems each boy is the One for the other.
I agree , we can't make it alone; we all need One "in the corner".
God is the One for all of us, especially so for those who have none in their life: no parent, no child, no sibling, no spouse. Sometimes, a friend, a neighbor or a stranger could prove to be the One.

Lowcarb team member said...

Oh Nikki, I just love the image you have used here's so wonderful, and fits your post, your words perfectly.

Each and every word I agree with

Sending my good wishes for this new month of July

All the best Jan

Launna said...

Yes Nikki, it is so important to have someone in your corner... If you don't feel like there is anyone, you are right, we always have Him... we just need to rely on Him, he is always there for us, no matter what... Also, most time there are other people there for us, we just can't see them xox

Lux G. said...

Amazing what support can do. Sometimes, it takes just one person to inspire us to do the impossible.

Sharon said...

Love it - and yes, the best One to have in our corner is The One - the Someone who is always our Champion!