Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thankful Thursday - Think.

"Never be afraid to sit a while and think." Lorraine Hansberry. 

I'm a thinker. People have always told me that. I tend to reflect about stuff long and hard and usually pepper my thoughts with the whys, the whats, the hows. 

Sometimes I can overthink things too much but in the past I did the opposite - I'd impulsively jump into situations without giving much thought and it usually ended in disaster.

Taking time to think through a situation gives me insight into it. I start to see the whole picture, not just one side. And seeing the whole, helps me know what to do and how. 

The biggest thing though, when I take time to really reflect,  especially if it's something that worries or scares me, I eventually start to feel hope.....hope that everything will work out.....hope that He's got a plan.....a purpose in everything. I don't have to jump or react. He's got everything under control. 

Thinking through, piecing things together, hope eventually always falls into place. 

Happy Thursday, Guys.


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I'm a thinker too. Sometimes I analyze things too much. But if I end up making the right decision then that's what counts. Years ago, when I was in nursing school I was also trained in some psychiatric nursing. I have found over the years, that training really came in handy. I have always yearned to know what makes people tick, you see. And I am especially interested in helping those who are the underdogs. Everyone has a story. Thanks for another great post and have a wonderful weekend with your girls.

Blessings from PEI,

Lowcarb team member said...

It's always best to think things through ...

Enjoy the rest of your week, and have a great weekend too.

All the best Jan

Launna said...

I'm more of a thinker now because I was too impulsive myself... it's a learning opportunity that can help you grow. .. Happy weekend Nikki ♡♡♡

Connie said...

Thinking things through first has helped me avoid bad decisions. Giving myself time to mull over something means fewer mistakes and less heartache. Nice post!