Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thankful Thursday - And Then.....

"Fear to some extent is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story." Cheryl Strayed. 

I used to tell myself all the bad things that were and could happen. I used to see only the dark and scary. I used to put myself down in every imaginable way, believing all the things about me I was told. And then......

Something happened that changed how I thought about myself and the world. Something extraordinary. Something mind blowing. 

Love happened. It happened like a shower spraying down on me.....cleansing and freeing. The weird thing is that I resisted it. I fought its warmth and soothing touch. It hurt too much at first. It left an ache that wouldn't stop. 

Love hurts when you've never known it. It tugs at the core and threatens everything familiar....all the that were. But in time I learned some things about never gives up. And it's stronger than any other force. 

Love was like the gentle wind that blew the darkness away and left me standing open and free. Love changed me. It changed how I saw myself, and how I moved in the world. Grateful for....

-the power of love that trumps everything else. 
-the power of love changed what I told myself and still tell myself. 
-the power of love helped me embrace all of who I am. No more being self-demeaning. No more listening to others over my own voice. No more allowing anyone to discourage or tear me down.
-the power of His love that showed me a better way to be....a softer more kinder way. His steady became my steady. His gentle became my gentle. For this, I am most grateful. 

Happy Thursday, Guys!


Joy said...

Never felt that God loved me when I was a child and as I became mature, but for 3o years ago, I get to know tha Savior and little by little I felt that I was loved and feeling God's love everyday now.
God's love is the greatest of all!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

It's interesting how we are and how we think. Joy said she felt like God didn't love her when she was a child. After my grandmother died, I felt like it was only God who loved me. Regardless of the mountain tops and valleys we encounter in life, His love is constant and I am so thankful for His love. Hugs from PEI. Have a super weekend, Nikki.


Launna said...

Nikki... this is beautiful and true... I'm trying to immerse myself in His love... it's not easy but I'm not giving up... I want to feel that powerful love ♡

Dayle said...

Beautiful post. Love conquers fear.

Nana Jul said...

Oh Nikki, thank you for this reminder! LOVE is what is! And He's got me in His hand!
God bless you HUGE!

Sharon said...

I'm kinda stuck in the dark and scary place right now. And I so need to feel the truth of what God promises - Perfect love will cast out fear.

How I need His love to fill me so that the dark shadows will flee.

Thanks for this most encouraging reminder!

Daisy said...

Love is indeed a powerful force. Nicely written post!

Margie said...

Love is the key!
Lovey post, Nikki

Margie said...