Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thankful Thursday

“The honorary duty of a human being is to love.”  Maya Angelou

I remember when my world was coloured with violence. Life was brutal, angry, hateful. But now, love colours my world and I'll take love any day. 

There's an energy with violence - an energy of always being on guard, trusting no one, a constant fight with an intensity that exhausts. 

There's also an energy with love and a sweetness that feels so darn good. The other day, I watched my girls goofing around together and I thought how beautiful and kind and incredibly sweet they are, and how very grateful I am they're in my world. 

They've been my teachers. They taught me love in its fullness. They showed me the power in going the extra mile, forgiving, and caring with no strings attached. Grateful for.....

-My girls who continue to teach me love as a guiding factor in life. 
-The touch of His gentleness which first broke the hold of violence and continues to show me that love trumps hatred every time. 
-His love that stayed the course, never left and never gave up on me. 
-His love that teaches to turn the other cheek. Toughest lesson for me, but also the most powerful. 
-And grateful for everyone everywhere who shows kindness in small ways and big. They are shining lights all over the world. That includes all you guys!!!!

Happy Thursday, Guys. 


Daisy said...

Wonderful post, Nikki. Love triumphs over hate always. So glad you found a way out of the violence.

Margie said...

So happy to hear about how your girls bless you.
This post made me smile.
Bless you ...

Launna said...

You are amazing Nikki... I love how you see the positive side of things... I know that takes work :-)

Sharon said...

"His love that stayed the course, never left and never gave up on me."

This is the line that spoke to me. I have wandered away from God's narrow path many times in my life. Thinking that I just wanted to "do my own thing," I did just exactly that - until I found myself so miserable that I ran back home to Him. And yet, all along, there He was. He had stayed with me and had never, ever given up on me.

Love so amazing, so divine - demands my soul, my life, my all.


Nana Jul said...

Beautiful and true! Makes me smile! You are His shining light!
Love ya,

Crown of Beauty said...

What a blessing for me to be visiting you at your Thankful Thursday post again. Indeed, love is such a powerful energy, even stronger than hate or anger. When I think of love that sent Jesus to the cross, I can't help but rejoice that this obedient love disarmed the powers of darkness, and brought healing to the brokenhearted like you and me. Your girls have shown you love in action, but you know where they learned it first? They learned it from you. Isn't that amazing? Have a blessed weekend, friend.