Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thankful Thursday

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." Mark Twain

Sometimes life hurts. Sometimes it feels like a heavy fist squeezing so tight around your heart that you're sure it's going to crack. And sometimes it seems like there will never be any relief. 

It's been that way this week, watching the news, seeing the  pictures of victims of the Malaysian plane shot down, and also, all the violence in the Gaza. Innocent people going about their everyday lives - gone. Killed for no reason. Their families and friends now left holding only their memories in their hearts. 

I wish the world was kinder. I wish people everywhere wanted the same things - to live in peace and love. Wishing won't make that happen, but maybe if each of us live kind and loving in our corner of the world, it'll shine a small light and make a difference.

I'm grateful for....

-all the kind and loving people in the world. I believe there are so many more of them then of those who hate.
-a smile from a stranger. I remember the times I felt hopeless and alone and someone would smile at me. Their smile gave me hope to hold on and keep fighting.
-my kids - they're my biggest motivation to live kind. 
-the power of nature. No matter what's going on, I always find courage and peace from walking in the woods.
-Mostly, His gentleness and kindness towards me is a constant. That makes me want to live everyday doing the same for others.

Happy Thursday, Guys!



Daisy said...

The news has been heartbreaking this week. I agree with you that the world definitely could use more kindness.

Sharon said...

Yes, the news is overwhelming lately. Added to some personal stuff, my heart does feel squeezed. Kindness and gentleness seem to be in scarce supply. I can only imagine how much this saddens our Lord.

Let's all find ways to treat others the way we would be treated ourselves. And let's keep talking about the Prince of Peace.


Nana Jul said...

I found a scripture this week that made a world of difference in my heart. Psalm 75:1-3 NLT.
verse 3 sealed it - When the earth quakes and its people live in turmoil, I am the one who keeps its foundations firm!
Yes He is!
Praising Jesus for His firm foundation, His kindness toward us and His Love!
Happy Thursday Nikki!

Carrie Van Horn said...

So much sadness and devastation, but people are resilient and so is hope...thank you for your inspiration dear friend.

Margie said...

The news has been heartbreaking.
I always enjoy your Thankful Thursday posts.

Like you, it's my family and nature that I'm so grateful for.
God has been good to me and I am thankful.

Launna said...

I agree the world needs more kindness... I also believe it comes from us... one person at a time♡