Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday

"It is possible to have too much of a good thing." Aesop

I love love love popcorn. Sometimes I go on popcorn binges when all I want to eat is popcorn. Eventually though, I get sick of it and then I don't want to see another kernel for a long time.

Early this week temps were amazing. The sun was brilliant. We took off jackets and boots and hiked the trails. It felt amazing breathing in warm fresh air. Even the birds were happy.
Then mid week, POW - another huge snowstorm and temps dipped cold again. 

Snow  - it's pretty....magical. Everything it touches, it beautifies, but the truth is......I want to see green not white anymore.

One thing for sure.....Spring will eventually break through. We had a taste of it. It's there pushing it's way through all that cold and snow and ice.

Same deal if we're struggling through some tough stuff....the good eventually breaks through again. It always does. It's the reason to never give up. Thankful this week for......

-a warm comfy home in a great city.
-March break...means no getting up driving kids to school while still half making lunches, and no rushing to programs at night. Just straight relaxing. Love it.
-Planning summer stuff. Dreaming about the places we're going to head to, the mountains, the camps, the trips - it helps take the edge off winter.
-prison edition of my book is delayed until Monday but already have calls from Chaplains wanting them.
-Mostly no matter what the matter what the season.....He's there shining His Light. Nothing is better than that!!! 

Happy Thursday, Guys. Hope it's a great one today.


Crown of Beauty said...

Dear friend, it felt awesome to be connecting with you on your newly published post for the week, just minutes after. Great thoughts you shared about spring breaking through, no matter what. Yes, spring is just around the corner. I love the thought of spring flowers pushing through the snow! Blessings on your March break. Yes, you live in a great city... I just love that part of Canada, even if I have never been there. I have a few friends who live near you. Shalom... all the way from the Philippines. It's evening here, and it's morning there... but God's love shines on us both.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Nikki,
I'm glad you had a touch of springtime before you were plunged back into winter. The storm is here now in the Maritimes and classes have been canceled. We grump and groan about the length of winter, but just like you said, He is shining through no matter what weather comes our way and we can be thankful for that! Spring will come, it always does. Boy, are we ever going to appreciate it this year!! Thank you for a great post and enjoy your weekend.

Sending you hugs from PEI,

Sharon said...

Weirdest winter here - minimal snow, relatively little rain, rather warmish temperatures. I'm sure that sounds pretty good to most of the country, but for us, it spells even greater fire danger in the next coming months. So, yes, I am thankful for our mild weather - but having been evacuated last summer for four days for a wildfire that came way-too-close, it's a bit unsettling.

However, whether the weather is warm or cold, both literally and in our souls, we know the One who controls it all.

And that just warms my heart!!


Launna said...
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Launna said...

Nikki, I am always inspired by you... I love when Thursday rolls around because I know you will be blogging and I usually find an answer or gain a little hope... that someday it will be easier than it is today...

Yes, Spring will be here... thank goodness, I have had more than enough of the cold... I am preparing for Spring... to get out and enjoy nature:) Have a lovely weekend :)

Joy said...

Hi Nikki, you inspires always. Seeing beauty around you no matter what.
God bless you more!

Daisy said...

I'm ready to see some green too. We've had a couple glimpses of spring. I'm ready for it to come and stay around for good. Lovely post! :)