Thursday, July 18, 2013


"When I looked outside into the depth of Nature and God, then I was happy, really happy. So long as I have that happiness.....the joy in can always recapture happiness." Anne Frank
The last few days we've been high up in the mountains. It's strange to me how rock and hills and trees have this incredible power to transport the blah into complete rapture.
Makes me feel totally alive. I'm thankful for....

-Physical ability to hike in the most breath-taking, magnificent mountains. 
-Powerful assurance I get there.....everything shouts 'don't be afraid.' It pumps courage into me more than anything else.
-Calm, refreshed, energized.....completely filled up. The feeling's amazing. It turns the mundane into excitement for me. 
-Sharing the experience with people I love and who love me. We laughed and hugged....all of us felt freer...more bonded.
-Mostly that everything shouts His love and generosity. I might not have a million dollars.....or top of the line car or a huge castle but standing there I feel so incredibly rich.


Nana Jul said...

Having a thankful heart makes you richer than the richest!
So glad you felt His presence there! So glad you are refreshed and ready to go!
Love ya

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Amen! We are rich in Him! His creation is awesome and He made it just for our enjoyment.


Joy said...

It feels do great being on top of the mountain. Feeling closer to God actually:)
I should do it often, but here is always raining and very cold.

Just Be Real said...

Blessings Nikki....

Launna said...

Nikki, I love your thankful list... it always reminds me of the blessings I have in my life... there are many... thank you:)

Denise said...

Sounds wonderful! I love this time of year when we can be out doors in the fresh air and enjoying the surroundings of all His glory.

Blessings Nikki!

Surprised By Joy! said...

Reading this makes me want to go to the mountains. I have visited West Virginia. So beautiful. Happy Summer Nikki


My Meddling Mind said...

Lovely, an amazing message! Good for you, enjoy every minute.:)


Margie said...

How wonderful~
I too an in the mountains this week.
Wish I could stay here forever, I so love the mountains.
Have to leave tomorrow though * sigh*
But feel so blessed to be here!

Anonymous said...

That is so me Nikki! I went camping with a friend and I was so happy to be outdoors! I'm glad I can connect with God in nature to see His majesty! It's breathtaking and altogether beautiful! Hugs girl ♥

Daisy said...

What a wonderful post this is! I know that feeling that you are writing about. Nothing makes me feel closer to God than being out in nature and enjoying it.

Pamela said...

Reading your list was a joy to me. "Turning the mundane into excitement" is such a beautiful way to describe the blessing of nature.

Connie Arnold said...

What a special blessing for you! Thanks for sharing about it and the incredible feelings you experienced. Blessings to you!

Sharon said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. I'm so glad!!

Let me tell you, Nikki. I have never appreciated the beauty of the mountains more than this past week.

We were evacuated for four days due to a raging wildfire that came within a mile of our home and town. We finally returned home Sunday night. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel - to the firefighters, to our community, and to a great God who fought a fire this week.

The moonrise over the mountaintop outside our window last night was breath-taking.

Yes, we feel incredibly rich - as the rock and the hills and the trees have once again transported us into complete rapture.