Thursday, July 11, 2013


 "I thank God for my handicaps, for through them I have found myself, my work and my God." Helen Keller

Sometimes I think I take things too much for granted. Everyday kinds of things I don't think much waking up in the mornings....jumping out of bed and moving my body however I want. Simple things....but for some....super huge. 

Everyday normal stuff to me is not everyday normal stuff to someone else. I'm grateful for....

-the ability to see the world....especially the faces of my kids and the spectacular sights in nature
-the ability to speak and use my voice and hear the voices of others.
-the ability to hear sounds....the sweetness of a child's laughter, the song of a bird or the wind blowing through the trees
-the ability to stand up, run, hike, goof with the kids.....move however, whenever I want. 
-mostly....the ability to stand tall on the inside b/c He did what nothing else could.....He took my inability to live free and freed me from the inside out.


Just Be Real said...

Great reminders Nikki. I have found myself recently thanking God that I am able to move, see and some what function in the world. Blessings to you my friend.

Debbie said...

Beauitiful!!! I love how you spoke of freedom from the inside out. So true, as is every item on your list this morning. As one who has lost 50% of her hearing, being able to hear at all is a huge matter of gratitude for me.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What a great post, Nikki! I can certainly identify. I have worn glasses/contacts all my life. Then about ten years ago, I developed cataracts. Pretty young to have those, but I did. Turned out they were a blessing! When I had them removed, the specialist plopped in new lenses and now I only need readers. Never thought I would 'see' the day!
About twenty years ago, I slowly developed a rare form of MD. Had to use a cane to get around. In 1995, the Lord touched me and I could walk without it.
Even after all the falls I've taken this past year, last Sunday, I walked two miles on the beach! I am feeling very thankful for all of His touches on my life. God is an amazing God! I never take my life for granted. It is what it is and He is in it!

Have a fabulous day, my friend!

Blessings & hugs,

Crystal Mary said...

Oh my dear one, we learn don't we, never to take anything for granted.
Thank God for all our wonderful gifts of life.

I praise God for what I have just come through with a horrible illness, as it has made me less judgmental.
I eat more carefully, I rest with more appreciation, and I let annoyances go over my head. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Joy said...

Me too are so thankful of so many things. GOD' .blessings are too many to count:)

Chatty Crone said...

I thank God for making me strong - but sometimes I get tired - do you? sandie

Launna said...

Awesome post Nikki... I was just stating something similar... I am grateful for the strength I have to walk so much... to get myself in shape. I feel very blessed.:)

Nancy said...

Thank you for encouraging us with such important words....It's so easy to look at what we don't have (in all areas of life) instead of being grateful for all God has provided.....

I hope you have a week full of blessings...

Sharon said...


It seems that when I take things for granted, that is when I lose my joy!


Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

Blessings everywhere!

Surprised By Joy! said...

Since I had a pinched nerve in my back that is healing, I became grateful for many things, too. I took walking my dog for granted. Sending you lots of hugs and love.

Margie said...

There is so much to be thankful for in life!
Every new day is a blessing.

Thanks for sharing all the things that you are grateful for.
I'm thankful for my family and so many other things (like seeing the beautiful sky every morning) and try never to take anything for granted.

I wish you joy!

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

Thank you for this precious post that reminds me of all I have to be grateful for!