Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday

"Make a pact with yourself today to not be defined by your past." Steve Maraboli

For the last couple of months I've been working on updating my book, In the Eye of Deception. Yesterday, I picked up the updated books. It got me thinking......

Life never stays the same. Even the bad things...the awful....the horrible....the things that seem like they'll never end....and will somehow keep you a prisoner forever....fighting everyday to hang on.....hoping against hope that'll walk free.

I found out......if you hold on long enough....and believe....things do change. As I looked at the book......and thought about the story it story......what I far down I had lost and alone I was......I realized, how far I've come from the pain that once defined by whole life.

I believed I was a nobody.....a nothing and I believed I had no right to right to exist.

One incredible day......He changed all that....Amazingly and miraculously.

It's hard for me to believe that I am the person I wrote about....especially b/c my life now is filled with so much joy and peace and life. And it's all b/c He touched me. The touch of His gentleness......In the Eye of Deception is my story. The neat thing and the thing I'm most grateful for......

-His touch that made all the difference
-His gentleness that broke through my pain
-His constant presence
-His love that gives me courage to live free
-His peace that really does trump all the past pain.

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Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Praise the Lord for His touch upon your life! He is God and He is good. Even when things look dark, and we are going through a tunnel of pain, like I am right now, we know He is there and will see us through it. His Light is always there to show us the way. It is not just at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for sharing your story.


Laura Hodges Poole said...

It's great that God transforms us and doesn't leave us in the pain that visits our lives from time to time. Thanks for the great reminder! God bless.

Just Be Real said...

Thank you for the encouraging word my friend. Hugs.

Chatty Crone said...

So I wonder why some people get this and want to change and other people refuse to grow. And you can't make someone want to grow up and change either - can you? sandie

Finding Pam said...

This is a beautiful testimony to the awesome power of God's never ending love for us. Looking back to my childhood, I can see that God was right there with me.

We are so very blessed.

Crown of Beauty said...

Nikki I am so happy you wrote your story. It is a powerful warfare weapon - against the enemy who wanted to destroy you, but he ends up defeated. I have often wondered if you ever got to give a copy of your book to that bank manager who loaned you a hundred dollars month after month, out of his own pocket. His act of compassion was one of the many that led to your healing and breakthrough.

Much love

High Heeled Life said...

You are a true inspiration to keeping the faith and believe that all has purpose - even when it takes us through dark times. Many blessings and hugs to you my friend.. You are an Angel. xo C. HHL

Launna said...

I need to get a copy of your book Nikki... what you write about being lost and alone and knowing how far you fell... that's me, I can't let the past define me though.. I am glad you don't let it define you... you are very inspiring ;)

Nana Jul said...

He's an amazing God who can do amazing things...and you are living proof!
I'm so glad He touched and changed your life!!
Love ya,

Daisy said...

His peace really does trump all. I'm so glad that your life has been turned around. Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!

I hope you remember me-- it's NOS from Blogger Not Otherwise Specified. After taking a long hiatus from blogging I am back.

It took me a while to find you because you are no longer writing at No Hope? Know Hope! But I'm so glad I did.

Your journey is incredible. You are an amazing person with such a gift for expression. Your words touch me, and I have no doubt they touch many others. Keep doing what you're doing.

Be well,

Stephani - A Defined Life said...

What a testimony to the grace of God!

LuAnn Braley said...

Following from the Spiritual Sundays blog hop. While I don't know your particular journey, I myself have also been in some very dark places and was saved by the touch of His hand.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

It is amazing at how He can transform out lived...thankfully

Launna said...

Hi Nikki, I have an award for you on my blog for Very Inspiring Blog. I understand if you are not able to complete it yourself, I just wanted you to know that your blog inspires me :)

Joe Todd said...

Read several of your posts and loved them all.. Thank you

Reformed rebel said...

God is sooo good isn't He?