Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thanks Dayle...for hosting Simple Pleasures. Reflecting on what's really important is the best.

Gratitude is the best attitude.  ~Author Unknown

This week has been a struggle...and a bit frustrating. A few things didn't go quite right...and the weather....too cold. Yet....still....there's so much I'm thankful for....things like....

-Prayer - my youngest started to feel sick...feverish...wouldn't eat....head hurt - we prayed... next morning she bounced downstairs back to herself and ready for school. 
-Faith - my neighbour needed a job. She kept saying no one was hiring...and bills were mounting. I told, a door will open. She went to a job interview...came home excited. Not only did she get the position...she also got the income she hoped for. 
-God - some people say trusting in God is a crutch...only weak people depend on Him. For me He turned the lights on in the dark..He shone hope when nothing else could. I can't imagine not having Him in my corner.
-Words -funny how some words echo inside my head long after they're spoken or read and have the ability to infuse hope and faith. They challenge negative thoughts....and give me confidence that everything's gonna turn out alright.
-Writing...I won the short story contest through Tyndale College and World Vision. Writing feels like breathing and a found way for me to have my voice.


Dolores Ayotte said... this picture and this post! So glad that your daughter is feeling better.

Dee said...

Congratulations on winning the short story contest...keep breathing...your voice is beautiful.

Barbara said...

Well congratulations, very good post, I enjoyed it and was encouraged by it, thanks, Hugs Barbara

Ruth said...

Dear Sarah, congratulations on winning the contest!! I have missed reading your inspiring posts while i was away... I hope you had a blessed Christmas and having a beautiful year...

Happy New Year!

Katia said...

Beautiful things to be thankful for.

Wanda's Wings said...

Shara you are such a beam of light and hope in a dark world.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

congratulations on winning this award, it must be very gratifying to have your work aknowledged in this way. Have a super day and thank you for visiting me.(-:

Debbie said...

Wooohoooo!! You won! That's just wonderful!

I think this week is particularly terrific, by the way. It's not just the last part about winning, but it's also all the answered prayer.

And I liked that part about Words, too. How true that is.

Ginny said...

Congradulations on winning the contest!!! Will the story be published? About using God as a crutch...people who say that...I think quite the opposite. If we think we can do it all and need no one, that is pretty prideful, we need to admit that we are not super people and not perfect.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for you and your winning a writing contest!
very proud of you!
also I think many times people only go to my Jesus when in times of need and despair, we all must need to him everyday for everything!
Invite him every where we go good or bad.
And for those to think of him as a crutch, i feel very sorry for them.

Dulce said...

Oh dear Sarah- Congrats on that winning!

despite the many imperfections of this life... so perfect OTH- we have so much to be grateful for
Great post


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Sarah! Thank you for giving me hope. :)

Nana Jul said...

Oh I know what you mean about having a hard week...I was ready to quit yesterday...but a still small voice inside me asked ...can you keep going one more minute....and His WORD...kept coming to my mind just like you said to chase out the negative...Praise God for a NEW day with Him!!
Love ya girl!

Jen said...

Congrats! Are you going to post the story on your blog? I'd love to read it!

Velvet Over Steel said...

All so true!! Wonderful Faith & inspiration!!!

Congrats on winning the writting contest. You so deserve lots of writing awards!!!

I really need to read your post today, full of Faith!! It's been a draining day... I prayed too and not only calmed down and felt better, but I wrote from my heart and got some 'honest' feelings out. God is so wonderful! How can people say otherwise. They don't know the peace and happiness that they are missing!

Thank you my friend!!
Coreen xoxoxo

elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your win! And thanks for sharing our mutual love for reading over at my blog.

It's Just Dottie said...

I am so glad you won the writing contest!
Your post was very good medication today and a wonderful way to start my day .

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh--congratulations!!!! And the blessings you wrote about are so awesome...I'm so happy your friend got a good job!

I'm tickled pink over your!!! You go girl!!!

CountryDreaming said...

What an uplifting inspirational post! So glad to have come across your words today. Spent last night discussing prayer in an online forum, where you would have fit right in. One difference, the people in my forum seemed to consider trusting in God something that can take a whole lot of strength to the point of being tempted to give up rather than being a crutch. Intriguing how we humans can want to go to the left or the right, when what we ought to do is keep on track ... and keep on praying! Congratulations on your writing success! :-)

Stuff could always be worse said...

I Love your list, keep writing! You are talented. Congrats to your friends job!

Deborah said...

Congratulations!!! That is awesome that you won a writing a contest. It doesn't surprise me though because your a great writer! Everything you wrote about is so true. I'm glad your friend got the job too! That is a blessing in itself! I hope she likes it!

Karen said...

Beautiful blessings...congrats on your glad you decided to share your voice with us!