Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Wow. The weeks seem to be flying by....End of February soon and we just got our first snowfall. We live in Canada so that's pretty weird. Usually by now it would have been our 30th snowfall. My neighbour hadn't taken his Christmas lights down so he turned them on. The sparkling lights, and the snow softly falling, covering everything.... looked so pretty. 

Neighbours came by and dogs ran around trying to eat the flakes. My kids and I threw snowballs at each other and then made a couple of snowmen.....It felt like Christmas....the way Christmas is supposed to be. 

Today...I am really thankful for;
1. being alive:  I used to pray to die. I used to beg Him to kill me. I'm glad He didn't listen.
2. being free: When I wasn't free....I couldn't imagine how good it would feel.It feels really good.
3. being healthy: There were times I couldn't stand up without being dizzy, and had constant colds and migraines....Now...totally healthy
4. being happy: I rememember feeling like my heart was broken and thinking it would never heal...never be fixed. It is. He did it. 
5. being Saved. Yep...that's the best one. That says it all.


Andrea said...

AMEN Sister!!!!

I have just updated my prayer request for Amden again. He is having digestive issues.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

Denise said...

Amen sweet sis, I am so very, very glad that you are alive. I love you.

Bernie said...

What a beautiful post....I'm not sure where you live in Canada but Alberta has received enough snow for every province I'm sure. Enjoy your first snowfall, I am patiently awaiting Spring........:-) Hugs

Just Be Real said...

I am so glad that He did not let you die either. And you know why? Because He had and does have an awesome plan for your life dear one. You are now experiencing it! Thank you for always encouraging me. Blessings.

He & Me + 3 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Your list was great and yes...being Saved is by far the best one.

Kathy M. said...

What a lovely image: kids and dogs running around, trying to eat flakes. I'm glad God didn't listen when you begged him to kill you, too! The blogging world would shine a little less bright without you in it. Hugs.

Peggy said...

Sweet blessings Sarah...Beautiful, thankful post!

I'm so thankful that YOU are alive, free, saved (YEAH), healthy and happy. And mostly that God never listened to that prayer to die, but that HE breathed life into you instead... I can recall prayers like this & I'm so thankful Almighty God knows far beyond our despair and allows us to get there.

Great and wonderful is His unfailing LOVE! Amazing!

ENJOY your CHRISTMAS snow, if you want to see great photos of who got some of your snow go to a dear friend of mine's blog & enJOY their winter fun today HERE:

Sharon said...

Lots to be thankful for amennnn! yes I think the snow drift is backwards, our states are getting bombed by snow, crazy huh... I live in Florida, and though no snow, alot of freeze damaging crops and such! it's been a sad year for this! thanks for stopping by, looking forward to a return.

Have a blessed and joyfilled weekend!!