Friday, February 26, 2010

55 Flash Friday

Want to write a story in 55 words? Ok but no more no less. Post. Then let the cool G-man know at

Sleek, fast, spectacular. Jumping, diving, frolicking with trainers who love them, showcasing their beauty. Killer whales, SeaWorld's darlings. Mammal, human dancing, a friendship bond. Dawn Brancheau, her experience no match for an agitated whale who killed others prior in captivity. No evidence of whales ever killing any human in the wild.. Food for thought!


Kathy M. said...

Food for thought indeed!

Kay said...

get a big x-ray and check the belly...! :) Free Willy!!!!!

Peggy said...

Blessings so few words, you certainly capsulized a traumatic event yet one we accept as entertainment... I must confess, I saw one of these in San Antonio and I really was amazed but
now...ouch... yep...much food for thought! Thanks!

Captivity...what it can cause...what it stirs up. Human or animal/mammal...hmmmmmmmmmm. yep, food for thought in 55 words. I'm just a spectator...of the spectacle...not an excuse!
They are spectacular but they are killer whales.

I like what Kay ended with...Free Willy!
Save lives!

Surprised By Joy! said...

Hi Sarah,
I felt so sad about that situation....I heard today that they are going to keep the whale in the show. Mmmmm...something does not sit well in my Spirit about that.

By the way, sweet Sarah, I started a new blog...would love to have you stop by. :)

I found I just had more to say.


Brian Miller said...

definitel food for thought. great 55...we used to go to seaworld all the time when we lived in florida.

my 55 is up!

Just Be Real said...

Food for thought is correct dear one. I was sadden by this news.

Peter Stone said...

Great 55. Just when will humans realize that these wild creatures are exactly that, wild - not something to be shut up in boxes for human entertainment. When will we learn?

Buzzard said...

Wild indeed. However, it was on the national news broadcast that the whale could not be released back to the wild because it would not survive.

How sad for everyone!

Lady_Amanda said...

Your right Sarah, maybe that whale just wants to go do whale things!

Poor little thing. I also don't know if I would want to train that animal. I heard that it wasn't the first time that killer whale, killed a human.

Isn't kind of like a freak show? You know what I mean? In the nintenth century you could go and pay to see the kid with the big head!


Denise said...

Well said sweetie.

shakira choong said...

have you a great weekend.


Sherry said...

Hi Sarah - Great 55 - I learned something new! Have a wonderful weekend!!


Brenda said...

I have been following the story, very sad for the whale and the trainer. I came by to thank you for the sweet comment you made about the summery pictures in my last post. I'm with you, I'm over all the snow, slush and cold. I'll even take the spring mud. I was not sure which blog to leave the message on so I picked number one on the list.

Anonymous said...

I live in orca country. My husband and I belong to the Orca Network and Stranded Marine Mammal Network. We have had the privilige of seeing them in the wild. We love these creatures. Please follow this link to my posting of Jean Cousteaus's statement about this incident- "They are to the ocean what we are to the land."

Enchanted Oak said...

This was one fine 55, Sarah.