Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

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Last year when I started writing....I struggled with not wanting anyone to know the things that had happened. I believed there had to have been something wrong with me that caused those things....The reviews I've gotten have blown me away..
Today...someone who read the story pulled me aside....I'm not alone anymore...if you can do it....I can too. Others have told me my story has given them hope and they're using the tools to work towards freedom....

So this week I'm totally thankful for:

1.the courage to go through with publication
2.God using what I wrote to help people know there is hope and freedom
3.God redeeming people's broken lives and setting captives free close friend who believed in me, pushed me, and knew God was going to use what I wrote....even when I doubted or wanted to give up. I'm also thankful for her compassion to sit in the dark with me when I couldn't stand for her to even look at me.
5.forgiveness....because he forgives me....I am free to forgive those who hurt me. There is amazing relief and freedom in that...


Brookie said...

What a beautiful list. Thank you for writing it and sharing it. Praise God for these things.

Nana Jul said...

There are so many people who need to hear your Testimony...Every Test the Lords walks through with us is one! How courageous, how freeing!!
Great list Sarah!

Dulce said...

You are such a love my dear Sarah... Thanks for everything, your posts and comments, and your positive energy :)

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

This is an awesome post!

RCUBEs said...

Thankful for the courage you've shown. I know it's not easy but you are doing it! By His grace. Blessings and love to you.

Sonya Lee Thompson said...

I am thankful that God has given you the courage to get all of this out into publication! Your testimony and transparency will help others find healing. Jesus came to set the captives FREE!

God bless!

Finally Free said...

I am so thankful for your friend who encouraged you, too. Today I told someone about your book (story)who had been through alot in her life and she was encouraged by it also. I told her she might have a book to write, too. :)


cinner said...

Sarah, you are such an inspiration. You have great courage to tell your story. IT helps to get through it. I think we all have a story,

Denise said...

Such a precious list sweetie, love you.

godsown said...

I praise God for giving you courage and using you for His glory.

Thanks for coming to my blog and i loved the song in your post on SS.
it fit's my year texts so put it on my blog.
have an blessed weekend