Thursday, January 4, 2018

Open Doors

"When one door closes, another one opens." Alexander Graham Bell

It took a long time to let go of something I had been doing and enjoying for seven years. It was at an organization I believed in, a place I felt a part of. But things changed. I changed. And I knew in my gut the time had come to move on. 

I've always resisted change and I hung on longer than I should. But the thing is when I finally let go, gave into the angst inside me and closed the door to what was - another door swung wide open. 

I had worried what I'd replace the old with. But the new is amazing. The best is I am running groups again and writing like crazy - contract work that seemed to come out of nowhere. 

It's true - when one door closes another opens. Lesson learned. 
Happy Thursday, Guys.  


Debby@Just Breathe said...

That's great, I'm happy for you!
Happy New Year!

DUTA said...

Indeed, things change, we change. Knowing that fact of life we shouldn't "resist" change but join it, and make the best of it.
May 2018 be the best year ever for you!

Connie said...

I tend to resist change too. Glad to hear it is working out well for you. Congratulations on things falling into place for you. Happy New Year!

Lux G. said...

That will always be true. Yes, God removes things from our lives not to deprive us but to make room for more and for what is much better. Glad to know you've moved on from the past and is now enjoying what is given to you in the present.

A wonderful year to you. Happy 2018!

Crown of Beauty said...

I am eager to find out how this new door is letting in good things for you. Amazing too that in the Hebrew calendar, we are in the year 5778, Ayin Chet. 8 stands for new beginnings, a doorway, or a passageway... very much like a birth canal... leading to a new birth! Amazing indeed, isn't it? Have a year filled with God's favor, dear Nikki! Much love, Lidia

Lowcarb team member said...

It is so true, when one door closes another opens.
We just have to believe it!

My good wishes for 2018

All the best Jan

Lux G. said...

Just stopping by to see hello, my friend. Hope your February is fabulous.

Joy (Aesther) said...

Hi Nikki, thanks for sharing! It reminds me when God shut's a door, He is opening another better door. Have a blessed day ahead! :)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

A great message - thank you :)