Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Happy

 “Whoever is happy will make others happy.” Anne Frank,

She's my oldest, a girl with guts, courage, moxie. This week she started university. It's Frosh week and she's participated in every event, every game, every activity. It's something because she didn't know anyone there, and left that first day wondering if she'd make friends. She has. She's happy, content, excited. And she's passed her excitement at home.

She's my youngest, a fighter, determined, a girl that pushes past fears, obstacles and apprehensions. She started high school this week. Her three closest friends aren't there. They moved. "Don't worry, Ma. I'll be okay." And she is. Came home telling me she's linked with new friends, has great teachers and is planning to join a ton of things. 

They're happy girls - and they're happy makes me happy. Grateful this week.....

-that I'm mom to the the best kids ever. 
-that there's life after trauma.....things change, get better, but I  learned you got to want it....want it bad. I'm preparing to run some workshops and am reminded this is the core of what I believe and try to live. Grateful that I can pass this on to others who are where I was.  
-for faith that brushes away the sad, the yuck, the residues of what was and incredibly instills hope...hope that things can change.  And they do!
-for nature that shouts everyday its joy and peace. Best 'medicine' ever. 
-for Him......opening and closing all the right doors and helping me to trust enough to wait for His lead. 

Happy Thursday, Guys!!!!


Daisy said...

Best of luck to both of your daughters in this year of new things! Lovely post, Nikki!

Sharon said...

My niece just went off to college, and I can vividly remember the days when my oldest went. It's those bittersweet moments of motherhood indeed. Happy and excited for them, so proud. And yet, we miss them so.

Sounds like your girls will thrive wherever they are, and that God is bringing them both new friends and new adventures! Joy!

I am also grateful for HOPE this week. It is the gift that keeps our heads held high.


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Sounds like your girls are handling changes well. You've done a good job, Mom! After God has initially changed us, we're able to pass on the fruit of those great changes to others. Have a super Day, Nikki.


Launna said...

Nikki, I am so happy your daughter is doing well in high school. It's a tough year but she seems to have got off on the right foot, that is wonderful to hear.

I wish I had half your Faith, I am working on it but it's taking time :)

Have a great weekend coming up :)

Nana Jul said...

Your girls have a great Mom, a great encourager, a great example and a Great God! They get their "Brave confidence" from you!
I know your workshops will instill HOPE in everyone that hears you speak!
Have a great Friday Nikki!

Margie said...

Having children that we are proud of is such a great joy.
My best wishes to both your girls for a great year in school.
I remember when my son headed off to college ...seems like a long time ago ..

Lovely post , made me smile ..