Thursday, January 30, 2014


"Each one of us will face a moment when eternity whispers into our hearts, this is your time." Michael W. Smith

Life usually plays out day shifting into the next, nothing very special, just the same old, same old norm. 

And that's okay, but every now and then something incredible happens and things get exciting. Opportunities drop into place. Doors fly open. Other doors slam shut. Those are the times my heart skips a mouth drops open and I stand amazed at how....why.... wow.....incredible. I'm thankful for....

-Not selected for jury duty. Waited all day at the courthouse. Numbers were called. Mine wasn't. Did happy dance on way out.
-Formatting has begun to put In the Eye of Deception into a prison edition that will be distributed to women in prison across North America. Very cool.
-Contacted by someone who read my first book and wanted to buy my other 2 books. We meet yesterday. She told me my book gave her back her life and pumped her with hope. That blew me away.
-Running the last group in Jan. this morning. Thrilled to be a small part of the journey of some very incredibly brave women. When I tell my story...when I remember where I was and what He did, I'm ever more grateful.
- Mostly that He shows me again and again the past doesn't define us. That if I let Him, He uses it to draw people who are where I bring them into larger places....better ones, and to give them freedom.

Happy Thursday, Guys! 


Dayle Allen Shockley @ A Collection of Days said...

So encouraging, Nikki. So happy for you.

Sharon said...

I loved this phrase: " bring them into larger places..."

Nikki, this is what God is doing through you in the lives of so many. I'm so thankful to watch His working through your life and witness. Hurrah, dear sister!


Daisy said...

I really like that first quote. Congratulations on the prison edition coming out. That is exciting news!

Launna said...

Nikkie each and every post you write inspires me beyond what I can say in words... how I wish that I could rely on Him more the way you do... hopefully one day I will trust Him enough to know what is best for me... :)

Nana Jul said...

The Lord sure has a way of turning things around for Good! He's awesome at it! I think your first book will be a great road to Hope for the woman in prison - we all have our own "prisons" we need freed from, and hearing your story might just be the Spark that lights the way for others! What an incredible gift!
Dance sister! Let it really sink in...and celebrate!
Love ya,

RCUBEs said...

Knowing how it's like inside the prison, I know your testimony will encourage many lives behind those walls. Blessings to you sister and I'm so happy for you. God bless.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I love Michael W. Smith! My son has been to every concert Michael has put on in BC.
What a blessing you are, Nikki! Your book will surely bring many to Jesus behind prison doors.
At the moment, I am reading Randy Alcorn's book Heaven for the second time and I get so pumped thinking of all the friends I am going to meet someday. You and I may met in this life but I know for certain we will in the next. Hope you're having a blessed weekend.


Debbie said...

Every time I come here for your Thankful Thursday (even if I don't get here until Monday) I leave encouraged and nodding my head.

(The only thing I wouldn't mind is jury duty. It's a family joke that everyone else gets called for duty, and I never do. I am home full time and think it would be fun. I would probably get to meet new people too. But me? Never called. The husband has to go for jury selection on Valentines Day.)

A Plain Observer said...

this is all good, a lot to be thankful for as you are. You have done much good and been rewarded finally