Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thankful Thursday

 “I think IF it's true that there are as many minds as there are heads, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts.”  Leo Tolstoy

We went down by the rickety bridge and found this goose off by herself separate from the other geese. Her leg was broken. My dgt said, the others had shunned her. We looked at her beak and saw the heart? She was gentle, and sweet, not aggressive like some of the others. 

She reminded me of some people I know. People who have suffered terrible things......trauma, illness or loss and yet amazingly, they're  so kind, accepting and loving. This week grateful for.....

-Unconditional love of animals. Give them a little food, they're friends for life. 
-Kids.....they give love no questions asked. 
-Marin in my story, A Twist of Innocence. She suffered the worst a child could suffer but she is the wisest and kindest woman I've met. When she talks.....I listen. I'm grateful for finding her and for her friendship.
-My 17 yr. old passed her drive test. She came home and told me, 'we did it together, Ma.' Made my heart melt.
-Mostly His love that cuts through every time. I wake up smiling b/c of it. I shake off the tough stuff b/c of it. It's so incredibly awesome that I want to reflect it to others so they can feel it too.    

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Launna said...

I love these posts of your Nikki :)

I am grateful for my legs that allow me to walk, I feel blessed.

I am grateful for my children who are the best part of me and reach for better each day

I am grateful for your blog... which reminds me of gratitude <3

Crown of Beauty said...

Oh, the poor goose... I am praying it will fully recover.

What an insight your daughters have... about the goose being shunned because of its broken leg... and you being with her as she passed the driving test.

Your daughters have a different future, your life has been redeemed, and so are theirs, from the evil schemes of the enemy.

Awesome post, as always, dear Nikki!

Much love

Anna said...

You always share the truth. I feel the same way about animals and children. :)

B M said...

Lovely thoughts. Praise for those who are always looking out for God's helpless creatures.

Val Young said...

lovely post

Jedidja said...

I love this goose <3. You wrote a beautiful, inspiring post. Thanks for it.

Charlotte said...

I think that many times our problems are blessings in disguise. I always try to remember that going through the fire produces gold. Too many times we settle for plastic when we could have gold. God knows what we need and what it takes for us to get it. He is always faithful.
Thank you for sharing.

Mia De Vries said...

Dear Nikki
This is so true! Those who have suffered much and looked to God for comfort, have so much love and comfort for other suffering ones! Animals love us without any backchat!

Charlotte said...

Those are great things to be thankful for:) I hope the sweet goose gets better!

Launna said...

Hi Nikki... I am not positive about GFC... I can't get a straight answer but that is what I keep reading everywhere :-/

Connie Arnold said...

Poor goose! Thanks for sharing your grateful thoughts, and congratulations to your teen driver!

Pamela said...

What a beautiful way to begin my Monday--reading of your thankfulness. He is worthy to be praised!

Daisy said...

That is sad about the goose. I hope she can heal.

I loved this post, Nikki. Wishing you a happy 4th of July.

Joy said...

I thank God for evey small and big things he is doing in you and your family. Such an inspiration.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Oh, that poor goose! I have known how that she must feel; the ugly duckling. However, the scars and abandonment only serve to draw us closer to Him. God is good and He knows that our trials make us stronger and better; more useful for Him. We are the clay and He is the Potter!
You are always an inspiration, Nikki, and congrats to your daughter!