Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday

“Somehow, even in the worst of times, the tiniest fragments of good survive.” Melina Marchetta

It's been a hard week.....watching the news...seeing the terror, the pain and loss in Boston....and then this explosion in Texas. More people devastated. How does someone move forward after the unthinkable happens? 

Somehow we may change in the way we move in the world..maybe with more caution...maybe with gratitude for each day given b/c none of us knows how long we got. 

It makes me want to live my life with more purpose....shining His hope wherever I can. This week grateful for, breathing.....alive. 
-A woman at the prison yesterday shared her poems with me that left me stunned and almost in tears. Her life has been horrific....yet she pens powerful words about life and love and God and hope. 
-The group of women I met who desperately want to live their best lives.I feel incredibly honoured to be a small part of their journey's.
-My second book, Dancing Softly, shortlisted for The Word Guild Award. Winners will be announced June 12.
-Mostly...for Him being in my world.....and knowing He holds every minute, every hour...every day in his hands.-


Launna said...

Nikki... I wish I was as strong spiritually as you are... you are very inspiring:-)

Daisy said...

This has definitely been a week for reflecting. So much tragedy and sadness going on does make us very grateful just to be alive. I enjoyed this post, Nikki.

NITA said...

Yes lots of sadness in the world. It is hard to understand why some do what they do.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Yes, there is so much horror and sadness in the world and I am so thankful that He is in mine!

My SIL and her husband were both at the Marathon but they both escaped unharmed. She was a half KM away from the finish line when the bombs went off and her husband was waiting for her at the finish line. We are very grateful for that!

You are so right, we don't know how much time we have. It's best to live our best life while we can! Have a super weekend, my friend.


Just Be Real said...

Yes a lot to reflect on this week and into our hearts. Thank you Nikki for sharing. Hugs.

Debbie said...

I have missed your Thankful Thursdays. Seems like my life has been so topsy turvy for so long now. I have decided that taking the time for a retreat into blogville makes me happy so here I am... retreating.

I love that God has grown a poet's heart in that woman. He is one amazing God, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Every Thursday I look forward to this post (although today I am a day late, oops!). You write so beautifully, and you have such beautiful things to say.

It's hard to understand what's happening in Boston. I mean, I can comprehend what I read, but I just don't understand how people could have such ill intentions towards other people. I know sociopathy is real, and it scares me. There are people in my life whom I don't like very much, but I would never want to cause them to HURT! Am I crazy in feeling this way?

NOS's Thankful Friday Morning:
-My puppy loves me unconditionally, and I love her unconditionally as well. I am so lucky to have found my soulmate.

As I have said each week, you are such a blessing to those women in prison. And I think that as much as they have to learn from you, it sounds like you are learning from them, too! What a wonderful thing for all of you.

Be well,

joy said...

Lots of things we don't understand, but we have to be continue living and trusting God for the outcome.

Have a nice week end Nikki