Saturday, January 26, 2013


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"I believe. 
I believe in the sun 
even when it's not shining. 
I believe in love 
even when I cannot feel it. 
I believe in God 
even when God is silent."
~found in a Jewish hiding place during the holocaust

Sometimes life isn't what I'd like it to be. Sometimes things happen that trip me up.....make me scratch my head....ask why? But too often....those whys are never answered.

I've been learning....that no matter just hold tight to Him and trust. It's what really defines the willingness to hold on and simply trust

Many nights we prayed with no proof anyone could hear. But...we were moving mountains long before we knew we could. 

There can be miracles when you believe.
Who knows what miracles you can achieve when you believe



Launna said...

What a beautiful and true poem, thank you for posting this Nikki:)

Mia De Vries said...

Hi Sarah
I find that true faith ... faith that receives everything from the Hand of God is a miracle on its own! That kind of faith can only be received from His hand as well! Happy to visit from Charlotte's! Nice to meet you.
Much love XX

Finding Pam said...

Beautiful poem and post. It's not by sight that we believe.

joy said...

There can be miracles when you believe. Your life is a proof to that Nikki.
In my blog "" I just posted the story of my eldest son. My cinderella man and his life is also a proof of God's help during painful years. And prayers does help.
Have a nice week end and hugs from me:)

Karen said...

I love the quote from the holocaust. Thank you for sharing this wisdom.

Daisy said...

Lovely and inspiring words. I hope you are having a good weekend. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

Lisa said...

Today I spoke to my grown son who is believing for a dear friend's healing. "What do you do after you pray and nothing seems to happen?", he asked.
"You stand", was my reply.
So much of our Christian walk is just standing and believing while the storm rages around us.
Thanks for a beautiful post!

Renee said...

Your words are speaking loudly today....miracles when we believe...yes! I liked what Lisa said...we stand firm...expecting that miracle....His promises are yes and amen.

Crown of Beauty said...

Nikki, I love the quote, the post, the photo, and the song at the end. Everything went together so beautifully, and Joy is right in her comment - you are a living proof of what faith can do in the life of one who believes. And so am I... and many others. Our life stories may be different, but God has proved that faith works... He honors our faith.

Whatever it is that you are believing God for today, dear friend... I praise Him that you are holding on to Him in faith!


Ruth said...

We hold on and he never lets go. He is faithful and we learn to trust.
Our willingness to trust him is what he is working for in each of our journeys. I'm so glad he knows what he's doing even when I don't.

Cinner said...

Hi Sarah, I really needed to read this today. thank you is all I can you made a difference. hugs.

Amrita said...

I remind myself, we walk by faith and not by sight. What we see may seem dark and dismal, but the sun is shining behind the clouds