Thursday, June 7, 2012


Linking with Cami at Thankful Thursday

"Passion - it lies in all of us...sleeping...waiting... speaking to us...guiding us. Passion is the source of our finest moments. Josh Whedon.

Passion - it's the thing that drives keeps me focused and gives me purpose. 
Passion - it tips the scale to living life full, rich and wonderful. 

There was a man, Wilson Bentley, whose passion was snowflakes. He loved those white bits of snow. He studied them and analyzed every aspect of their makeup. He spent his whole life focused on the white stuff. Many called him crazy...different.....but he didn't care. His passion drove his life. Bentley was the guy who discovered that no two flakes are the same. 

I want to live my life with passion!!! This week I'm grateful for.....'s a definite passion that feels so much like breathing. That writer's block is broken. I've been writing like crazy...caught up in trying to finish the two novels I'm working on. 
-Phone lines. We had an outage. That meant no use of the phone or internet for a couple of days. It was agony. Thank you Alexander Graham Bell for following your passion. 
-Meeting J...she's got a wild passion for the topic I'm writing about. We both couldn't talk fast enough. Love that. We're getting together to brainstorm....
-Flowers...we planted a whole bunch of different plants and they're all growing. It's so neat to go outside and see.
-Mostly for Him being in my world and opening my heart to so many neat things....


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning Nikki,
Living life with passion is what separates us from the mediocre. It helps us to get up in the morning. It gives us the drive to be the best we can be, for Him. Loved your post today. Enjoy this day, my friend.


Debbie said...

Standing with you in praise of passion! I was just talking to a young woman in my SS class yesterday about something that God has passionately put on her heart. It was so exciting to hear her enthusiasm and her joy.

It's my opinion that folks would be happier all the way around if they would find their passion, AND (and I think this is just as important) they would respect and encourage the passions of others with no envy or jealousy.

Too often, we assign tasks to the folks who "will do it" or "can do it" or just plain "want" to do it when we should actually be seeking out those who "can't not" do it.
(Double negative intentional.)

IMO, That is passion.

Great post today.

Esther Joy said...

Thank you for sharing your passions! I have a passion to share Christ's comPASSION today! Felt like I didn't do so good at it yesterday... Thank God His mercies are new every morning!

BelovedBomber said...

I am also thankful for the passions God puts inside of us. I am glad to hear that you are writing some more and that He has linked you up with someone who shares your passion! Praise God!

Wendy said...

I'm so glad I read your book Sarah because to see where the Lord has taken you... it is beautiful to share your journey and the deep passion you have for the Lord.

Such is also very challenging!


Denise Oldham said...

Enjoyed your passions.

Ginny said...

Wow, and here I thought the only famous Bentley was the car! What a cool story!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I think it is time for me to pray for Passion. I seem to have lost passion for things I use to love to do. For the last few years my passion has been blogging but I have drawn away from things I use to enjoy.

Crown of Beauty said...

Yes, I agree with you. Passion spells the difference between excellence and mediocrity.

Our God is a passionate God... He is never half baked or half hearted or double minded about anything He does.

Praising God with you...


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

The word passion has been thrown around in our house lately, and it is very frustrating when you see someone's passion leave...I think we are all to live with passion.

Great inspiring...enjoy and rejoice in your God given passion

Lynn said...

Passion is my "home away from home". I am filled with passion. Actually, I would have loved Mr. Bentley, as I love snowflakes. Trouble is, finding them to study is somewhat difficult living in FL! I have passion for Jesus Christ and for using my life to bring others to Him. Passion for photography, passion for reading/learning/researching and soon will be setting up a studio for polymer clay/jewelry, in the learning stages. Blessings.