Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday

“When we least expect it, life sets a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change. At such a moment, there's no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we aren't yet ready. The challenge won't wait. Life doesn't look back.”    Paulo Coelho
Changes.....I don't like them. Even when I know they'll be good ones....I still resist. I get used to the way things are. I feel a sense of safety in the familiar. But life is full of changes. Big ones and small. I need to stop feeling like I'm running from wild dogs  when something begins to change.....and just go with their flow.... and to remember that the new isn't replacing the's just improving on it.  This week I'm thankful that.....

-my issues with my computer are finally resolved. Bought an IBM corporate machine with 3 yrs. on site tech support.  The price was'll be ready for pickup later today.  
-My oldest turned 16. She's growing up and changing...She's a great kid who inspires me to live my best life. I'm totally super proud of her.
-Good friends invited us over and surprised my dgt. with a party. They're the family I never had. The people who are always in our corner no matter what......and we in theirs.
-A friend called and asked if we could pray on the phone. Pray? I didn't want to pray but I said yes to be polite. Turned out to be exactly what both of us needed.... Right after that I bought the new computer and her exhaustion lifted.'s the thing that makes the real difference
-Grace and His unchangableness. Okay not sure that's a word but still it's true. He never changes. It's the one unchangable I can count on. 

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Debbie said...

Nikki, these are wonderful this week, and the comment about change and the wild dog picture just HIT THE SPOT for me. Clearly this one was designed by God through you to me.

I'm glad you got your computer issue all fixed and are looking forward to a new machine. It's looking like there is a fix for mine on the horizon too.

Wanda's Wings said...

I'm glad God's love is unchanging. I too have a friend I am so thankful for because come rain or shine they are in my corner. Our children can indeed bring a joy that no one else can do. Enjoy your new computer.

Terri Tiffany said...

You are surrounded by some amazing friends and people:) Isn't God good?

Chatty Crone said...

I once heard someone talk and say the best way to handle stress is to accept change easily. I mean - that's all - lol. A little harder to do then say. I'm glad you got a new computer. sandie

Celia M. c. said...

The photo and description of how change (even when it's good and positive) can feel, been there ~ with my sneakers on! more times than I would care to remember.

So, happy that your computer woes are behind you. Though I love handwritten letters, the computer is our connection to the outside world, when we are to anxious to actually step out in it.

Yes! Extended family, just like blog friends are REAL! We are so blessed with extended family that it makes the journey in life easier. HE may not always give us what we want , but HE always makes sure we have what we need.

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed day! xo Celia (HHL)

Nancy said...

Isn't it wonderful that the one thing we can count on is that He doesn't change and that all things that affect us are filtered through His hand of love.....

I am excited for you for your new computer...that's a good change, uh?

Finding Pam said...

Happy birthday to your daughter. It so wonderful to be proud of our children. Just know you did a great job raising your kids.

I understand your feelings about change. The only change I really like is when I move my furniture around.

Love transends all.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning my friend. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!

Wonderful post. I don't like change either, unless it's new furniture! Lol.
I'm so thankful that God doesn't change. "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, yes and forever."~ Hebrews 13:8. Hallelujah!

I'm glad you enjoyed your virtual walk through my post. I hope it can be the real thing someday!
Wishing you have a delightful day in Him.

Blessings and hugs,

Cami said...

YOu have such a beautiful heart, Nikki. That is so amazing that a friend called and asked if you could pray. That is SO SPECIAL :)

Many blessings to you today & always.

Love your thankful heart.

And thank you for linking up!! <3

Michelle Holderman said...

As always, Nikki, you speak from your heart and that always touches people. Always.

I used to hate change. But through the years of tremendous change happening in my life, whether I wanted it to or not, I began to start looking at it differently. I began to embrace it and now; I even welcome it.

What you said is so true for all of us - we do feel safety in the familiar. But God will always challenge our comfort zones. He certainly has mine. I don't think we were created to stay there. It reminds of a quote, can't recall who said it but it went something like this: A ship in harbor is safe but that's not what ships were built for.

I think the same could be said of us. He wants us to trust Him enough to step out and go wherever He leads us; to do what He created us to do. Not just what feels safe.

Enjoy your new computer! Blessings to you.

P.S. - I think unchangeableness is a great word; if only in application to Him :)

Jeanne said...

Your post is a lesson in how changes can be positive. Praying on the phone because you wanted to be polite and getting a blessing from the prayer is wonderful.

Hugs, Jeanne

RCUBEs said...

Just this morning, I found myself asking the Lord..."Now what...Where do You want me to go?" He brought me to Correctional Nursing and now, with this battle I'm in, I don't know where to go. What to do. But as I have more time now as those people had tried to lessen my hours because of their wrong motives and accusations, the Lord is teaching me more patience and to wait for His perfect timing...Change is indeed hard but I'm so grateful that we serve God Who doesn't change. And actually, I'm enjoying this precious time with my family...Instead of being stressed out, He is teaching me to trust more in Him and in return, He always shows how faithful He is and true with His promises. Joy...peace...patience....during a trial is not achieved. Thanks be to God for His gifts of those...I pray that for you today...May you also have a wonderful Thursday and the rest of the week, remaining strong sister...Like what we always say!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am not good with change at all!
I love how God works in our lives like the phone call to pray that your didn't know your needed but He did!

Ginny said...

It seems like such a long time since you posted last, but I see it's really not. I am the same as you with change, especially when something is changed that is really good and there is no need for it! Praying over the phone can be a bit uncomfortable, all there is is your voice. But I think I have finally gotten used to it, and on a plus side, the other person can't see me crying, which is what I usually do when someone is hurting and needs prayer. What kind of computer did you get? The guy is finally coming back tonight to finish mine.

Peggy said...

Thanks for your reassuring words. being in the midst of some unwanted changes in my life it was good to be reminded that God never changes.

Denise said...

Woo Hoo, glad you were able to get a new computer. I bet your daughter enjoyed the party, that was nice. Happy you decided to pray on the phone with your friend, love you.

Glenda said...

I don't do well with change, either, and it seems to get worse the older I get! I'm so thankful we can depend on God's faithfulness to us through every change - and through the monotony of life, too. He often uses people, as He did for you, to keep us steady.

Mevely317 said...

How wonderful, that something you weren't in the mood for, turned your world a bit nicer.

Happy 16th to your sweet daughter!

Anonymous said...

Popping in to say "Hi" and give you a great big hug. Changes....still working on accepting them, too. Trying to live in the moment with the Lord's help.