Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love that Heals

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"I'm floating like mercury around the earth. My footprints shine with stardust. All because I love you. All because You love me." Maya Angelou

Feeling loved makes everything in life so much easier and fun. There was a time I couldn't feel it. When someone said they loved me......I pushed them away. It hurt too much. 

But when He loved me.....I couldn't resist. His love scaled my wall.....broke through all the shame and angst that had kept me living on life's edge. His love......gentle and powerful made the difference. 

He didn't care that I put up a fight and resisted....It didn't matter that I tried to push Him back. He stayed.....and loved and healed and freed what nothing else had ever been able to do. 

The gentleness of His love made all the difference

  Happy Valentines Day Guys!

He is proud of who you are and he has faith in who you’ll become.


High Heeled Life said...

It is a wonderful feeling when that love breaks through the walls we build. Wishing you a peaceful week-end..xo HHL

Mevely317 said...

I have to disagree a bit with Whitney's song lyrics.
..."The Greatest Love of All" isn't necessarily learning to love ourselves .... but realizing He loves us unconditionally and always.
Wonderful post!

Lisa notes... said...

I am SO glad that His love is the kind that we can rest in. Thanks for sharing this, Nikki. Listening to Michael W. Smith right now...

Crown of Beauty said...

You are so right... God's love is gentle and powerful...

The song says, when you want to walk away, he is asking you to stay.

I never heard this song before, but it is beautiful, like all other Michael W Smith's songs!

Thanks for the way your share so honestly. It has such a healing effect on me.

Happy Valentine's Day, too!


Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Jesus is the Source of our Love, Joy, Peace, Healing and all that is good. There is no one who could love me like Jesus. I thank Him for meeting me at the crossroads of my life many years ago, and for changing me from the inside out. He is still working in my life and for that I thank Him. Praise the Lord for great things He has done in our lives. I thank Jesus for you my dear Sister in Christ. God Bless you for all you share.
Happy Valentines Day to you Nikki.
Hugs, Dianne :)

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Nikki, I just ordered your book from the Kindle Store. I look forward to reading your book. I thank God for what He has done in your life, and for your testimony.
Dianne :)

Denise said...

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, love you.

Dianne said...

"and loved and healed and freed what nothing else had ever been able to do."

oh, that is so beautiful Nikki--

and so appropriate for this valentine season--there would be no special day of love without Him--

Nana Jul said...

His love is the BEST!!
Happy Valentines Day Nikki!

Regina said...

Wishing you a great week ahead.

♥ Regina

Cindy Adkins said...

This is soooo beautiful, Sarah...When I heard about Whitney last night, I was so extremely saddened...She had the most gorgeous voice!
Wishing you a beautiful Valentine's Day...and I hope it is filled with love.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love this, it hit home for me! I can't push Him away.

Rhonda said...

Oh how I can relate ...I grew up feeling unloved ...and longed to know true love ... I found it or actually it came to me, Jesus Christ....truly I am now loved !

leavesnbloom said...

Oh what unconditional love he has for us - just perfect for sharing for Valentines Day.

Terri Tiffany said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!

Glenda said...

I'm so thankful for His gentle, redeeming love!

Charlotte said...

This is so beautiful. I'm so glad He proved His unconditional love for you and for me.

Julie Musil said...

Ahhh, beautifully said. You have such a wonderful way of making me feel at peace. Thank you for that.

Just Be Real said...

Nikki, thank you for sharing. Blessings.