Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Reviews

I met Dolores cyberspace. We've become good friends....emailing each other pretty much every day. Dolores is a writer and a former teacher. She recently published her book, Growing up and Liking It, a follow up to her first, I'm Not Perfect and It's Ok.  

Dolores suffered with depression at one point in her life. Over the years, she learned some tools to help her rise above the darkness. Her book contains some of these life lessons that helped her to empower herself. Lessons she wants to share, to give others hope. 

This compact book contains 13 self-help tips. Each chapter is a quick read with nuggets of truth Dolores shares from her life. She uses her interactions with family members; her husband, children and grandchildren to bring home her message of hope and empowerment. 

In reading Growing Up and Liking It I felt as if I was sitting with Dolores listening to her share her heart. There is a genuine warmth and intimacy in her writing. This book can be helpful for people who need some "inspiration to get back on track." To hear an audio excerpt I hope you visit her website at Dolores Ayotte

Book Sneeze - Left at the Alter by Kimberly Kennedy 

Television journalist, Kimberley Kennedy seemed to have it all. Then the unthinkable happened - she was stood up.....left at the alter. Kennedy's candid story details her disappointment of being rejected. As her story unfolds, the reader is drawn into Kimberly’s past and her growing need to control life around her. 

Instead of focusing on the man who ‘dumped’ her, she courgeously  looks at her own life and what might have led her to the place where she was ‘left.’
Left at the Alter discusses the pain of rejection and how not to allow it to define you. It gives tips and tools for healing and moving forward. It suggests some ideas on what things can be done to “shape your future story.” 

This is a book for anyone who has felt the sting of ‘being left’ through divorce, or even in a dating relationship. Her book doesn't focus on the awfulness of rejection but rather on hope, healing and trusting God."This is not a story of a woman and her man - its a story of a woman and her God."


RCUBEs said...

Sister, thanks for sharing these...Dropping by to say a warm hello and praying all is well...God bless.

Ginny said...

These books look really interseting! I see I missed your post below, I just caught up with that. This is the third blog that has seemingly not showed up on my sidebar for a recent post. At least I hope so, because I don't want to think that I'm having this many senior moments!!

God Whispers said...

Sarah, thank you for sharing and reviewing these books. Blessings.

Debbie said...

They both sound really good and it's interesting that you have hit on two Goliath's for me: Depression and rejection.

God thing, I think.

Dolores Ayotte said...

Thanks so much for the positive book review and your kind words about both my books. I value our friendship and enjoy our daily communication. I truly appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. Blessings to you and yours!

Finding Pam said...

Your blog has not show up in my dashboard. I just read the previous post. That song was our senior graduation theme song. Nothing is impossible with God's help.

Thank you for the book recommendations. I will add them to my list of books to read.

As always you are so inspiring to me. Your survival is witness to the power of God's authority in our lives.


Wanda's Wings said...

Thanks for the information. I good book to read can be very helpful.

Anonymous said...

I'm so moved by these stories. Saluting both these fine women. May the good Lord bless them. :)