Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

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"When asked if my cup is half-full or half-empty, my only response is that I am thankful I have a cup." Sam Lefkowitz 

While thinking about what I'm grateful for.... so many things jumped into my head....things like:

-My sister and I met for lunch.....we laughed so hard it hurt. Having struggled alone for so long.....I'm so grateful for the bond between us. 

-The other day while driving home we spotted an owl. We ran through the field to get a closer look and cheered as it spread it's huge wings and flew right over us.

-Sometimes I give up too quickly on something if it's too complicated. I was ready to do that with something I wanted. A good friend refused to let me do that. She pulled me to meet the top person in charge and the two of them promised they would fast track all the papers to ensure what I wanted would happen quickly. 

-Some of my friends complain about not being able to talk with their kids or that they wish they had a better relationship with them....I''m grateful I have a really tight bond with both my kids.....everytime I look at them I'm reminded just how much God really loves me. 

-And my really overflows with so much of His love...I think of all those people who tried to change me.....tried to force me to be what I couldn't....their version of who I should be. He never did that.  I'm grateful for  His gentle patience that never forced me to be what I couldn't be. He gave me freedom to be me...the me I was meant to be.


Dolores Ayotte said...

You are such a wonderful inspiration to me this morning. Your words of gratitude are just what I needed to start off my day! Good stuff! D :)

Nana Jul said...

And you are exactly who He meant you to be - Designed by the Masters hand, predestined to be the wonderful radiant sparkling person we all see today! Thank you Jesus for this girl after your own heart!! She shines and spurs others on to know you more!! Bless her Lord, like she blesses us!

Trish said...

Thank you for reminding us to be thankful! "His gentle patience" ..yes indeed, a precious grace to give thanks for. How blessed we are that He is so forgiving and patient with us and leads us lovingly as our tender Shepherd. Lovely post:-) blessings..Trish

Dulce said...

Eevry time I reas you a piece of that peace which is growing in you transfers the whole Ocean up to where I stand...

Karen said...

A great list of gratitude. "His patience" I love that. I having thanked HIM for that lately. Thanks for the reminder.
Joining you at Dayle's.

Amrita said...

Praise god from whom all blessings flow.

Yes I am glad I have a cup too.

Dayle said...

Laughing with sisters ... priceless.

Angel said...

Thank you for this cup of inspiration today. God bless you!

skoots1mom said... therapeutic and such a blessing!

Debbie said...

I always love all of these. This week, my two favorites of all are the owl one and the friend who wouldn't let you quit.

They are similar. I think what the world needs is a few more folks willing to encourage the soaring and cheer when we take flight.

This is a great one. Your simple pleasures posts always bless me.

Jen said...

Sometimes it takes awhile to really figure out who God made us to be and then a little while longer to gather the courage to be just that. So glad you are on that road!

Ginny said...

The owl story is so neat, wish I'd been there. I also always wanted a sister, you are so blessed.

Cindy aka Sunshine said...

Thanks for sharing Sarah, your post are always so insightful.

Hope your having a awesome day.

Kay K said...

We are so blessed ...I love being with my sister and enjoying some good laughs !!!!
Thanks for sharing

Wanda's Wings said...

It's it great that God is so patient with us. Without Him I don't know if I could have made it this far. Thank you for your wonderful encouragement!

It's Just Dottie said...

Oh I just like you am so very happy to just be me . It took me years to be content with just being Dottie. I am a simple person and it does not take much to make me happy.
My cup is overflowing also.
Good night friend

Ms.Daisy said...

So much to reflect on here. Thank you, Sarah.


Heather T. said...

You are such an inspiring lady ♥ Wonderful, He Is...Isn't He?

Anonymous said...

Sisters are gold, most times! ;) I love mine, too! You make me more and more and more grateful for being able to be me! :) Thank you!

Surprised By Joy! said...

And my really overflows with so much of His love...I think of all those people who tried to change me.....tried to force me to be what I couldn't....their version of who I should be. He never did that. I'm grateful for His gentle patience that never forced me to be what I couldn't be. He gave me freedom to be me...the me I was meant to be.

Sarah, this is a beautiful paragraph. I feel the same way. God allowed me to be me and freed me. I pray I can give others permission to come alive to all they were created to be.


Sue said...

This one of the most heartfelt, thankful post I have read in a while, your heart just shines forth, and I am leaving today just so blessed, and what a great simple pleasure of watching the owl, I live on a farm and hear them all the time and only once in a while will I see one.
Thank you for sharing, and thank you for visiting me and for taking the time to leave me a sweet comment.

Crystal Mary said...

Hello Sarah dear, No God loves us just as we are..wish that people would be the same.
Well one day we will all be in Heaven together rejoicing...and one. God bless. CML XXX

Foxglove Spires said...

Sarah thank you for your visit to my blog today and leaving such lovely words.

You have a wonderful cup of blessings thank you for sharing them with us.

Have a beautiful day. xxxx

Jennie said...

I think we fail, so often, to see the blessings running over from our cup. I love your belly-hurting laughter, your bond with your sister & kids, and to see an owl soar - wow! Love the quote at the beginning too! I, too, am thankful for the cup. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

The16YearOldNaive said...

These are wonderful<3
I think I have like ONE friend like that.. hah..
It makes me think what of what I'm greatful for..xo

Stuff could always be worse said...

Such a wonderful list of thankfulness. I agree with the bond with the kids! Love it.

Finding Pam said...

Sarah, it is so good to finally be the person God made you to be. I really enjoyed this post. The simple things of life really mean the most.

Many blessings,

Joan said...

Sarah, I always love your posts. You have such a grateful heart.


Denise said...

Wonderful blessings.

Cinner said...

Oh love the bond between you and your sister, so glad you are whom you are and that God is right beside you all the way. So happy for you as you are on this wonderful journey where you just keep getting stronger. hugs. be well.

Annesphamily said...

This was beautiful. You write so exquisitely. Thank you for sharing. This housing situation with my phamily is the pits. But I would not trade one of them for anything in this wicked world! I am just trusting Him to guide us. Pray for us please. I am always thinking of you and your family and praying for you! Love to you Anne