Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday

"Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever fresh and radiant possiblity." Kate Douglas Wiggin

I'm thankful for my kids because they:
-give me so many opportunities to play and dance
-remind me what's really important
-help me live my life with greater freedom and purpose
-give me beautiful heartsongs to sing
-affirm over and over that I am loved even when I don't think I deserve it.

My fourteen year old writes poetry. She inspires me....with her words...and the gentleness of her spirit and the beauty that flows from her heart. 

No One But Him by Shelley

No one can mend a broken heart
No one can fix what is fallen apart

No one can settle a raging wave
No one can foretell the acts of the brave

No one can perfect the Shepherd's sheep
No one can create oceans as deep

No one can cause us to rise from the dead
No one can give food to who need to be fed

No one can make the blind see
No one can give you eternity

No one can turn water to blood
No one can dry out a massive flood

No one can cleanse the heart of sin
No one can know what's truly within

No one can know what tomorrow will bring
No one can do these.....But Him


Just Be Real said...

Oh what a precious poem by your daughter.

Such wonderful thanks today Sarah. Blessings and much hugs.

Brian Miller said...

that is a wonderful poem by shelley...and my kids give me so much, and teach me so...

Denise said...

Your daughter is talented like her precious mom, love you.

Cinner said...

This is beautiful Sarah, thank you for your comment, I have been wanting to do that a long time now. your daughter is very talented.

Andrea said...

Beautiful hearts created by the Heavenly Father in both mom and daughter. GOD BLESS!

Wanda's Wings said...

Your daughter is very talented. Beautiful.

Dulce said...

That girl has a talent! This is so beautiful..
Of course, she is YOUR daughter, no wonder.

Hugs my friend

Renee said...

Wow, what a beautiful poem!
My "kids" are a little maltese and yorkie! They remind me that anytime is the perfect time to play! :) And I know I am always loved!

By the way, I had an award to give out, and I awarded you! Thank you for following my blog, and for your nice comments! :)

You can see it on:

Bernie said...

This is wonderful....what a beautiful mother you are that your daughter can write such a lovely poem about our Lord......:-) Hugs

Jingle said...

lovely poem,
what cute image,
kids are amazing,
keep recovering.
Happy Thursday!

Dolores Ayotte said...

I love your daughter's poem Nikki! You do have a lot to be thankful's very plain to see.

Amrita said...

That 's a very meaningful and deep poem by Shelley.

David C Brown said...

Amen, grace be with you.

Karen said...

Beautiful words of thanks from you...and praise from your daughter...creative genes must run in your family! So glad you introduced her....

Carrie Burtt said...

Such a precious poem written by a child she has your talent. What a blessing! :-)

Holly Renee said...

What a beautiful poem. I think your daughter is super talented. I'm sure it's a mixture of good genes and good parenting. I really think she could soar with writing!

Connie Arnold said...

That's such a lovely poem! Your daughter has a beautiful talent and a beautiful heart.